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Installing and using www.invoicepaper.co.uk AP4 paper with One Stop Order Processing

To use this template you will need One Stop Order Processing. This software allows you to process orders and print invoices from Ebay, Amazon, eBid, Actinic, XCart, CubeCart, osCommerce, Interspire,CRE Loaded, Playtrade, RomanCart, Mail Order and Telephone Sales in the same place and at the same time. For more information on this software click here.

You can buy the Amazon Despatch Note Integrated Label paper frrom www.invoicepaper.co.uk

The Amazon Style Despatch Note template allows you to print an invoice onto Integrated Label Invoice Paper. This allows you to peel off a label containing the customers delivery address, which can be stuck onto the package. You can also amend the Amazon Style Despatch Note to add your own logo, PPI or any other details.

Installing the Amazon Style Despatch Note template
The software installation installs the template into the C:\OSOP\Main\Templates folder. This is the folder that all One Stop Order Processing printing templates are stored.

Using the Amazon Style Despatch Note template

Once the software has been installed you need to select the template in the Invoice Options (click on the One Stop Order Processing Options button).

1 Select the Options and click on the Invoice Tab.
2 Click on the One Stop Order Processing browse for file button button in the Print page configuration area.
3 Select the new template (by default in C:\OSOP\Main\Templates)

This is shown below.

One Stop Order Processing Options

When you print invoices it will use the new template. If you want to print this as a Packing List or Purchase Order use the relevant tab to select the new template.